Sunday, November 25, 2007

First week over

Well that first week flew by. What did I do:

- Did a few hours work each day for my husband. (He's co-owner of a small business and they needed some help while a staff member is away). I'll be doing the same next week too. It was kinda fun to go to work with him and see what he does all day.
- Got my hair cut
- Dropped Bob off at Meet Me at Mikes
- Did some clothes shopping in Bridge Rd
- Bought a print from Dickerson Gallery - it's titled "pot plant", it's a simple image of a pot plant but it's beautifully done and for some reason I just had to buy it
- Visited the Heide Museum of Modern Art, the gardens are lovely to visit on a nice day and the original house, Heide II is amazing, we sat in the courtyard for ages taking photos and just soaking up the atmosphere
- made some curtains for my craft room as it didn't have any and it got reaaly hot in there on Monday and Tuesday (it was over 36 degrees both days). They're very boring looking, but I made them from supplies I already had and they're only temporary (more about that another time) so it didn't matter much.

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