Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April fools

Hi, it was my birthday yesterday! Yup, on April fools day. I'm the ripe old age of 34 now!

I was going to post yesterday but just didn't get time, I had a very full schedule.

MD and I left home for the city at 8:30am, he doesn't normally work in the city, he had to visit a client in the morning. I didn't have to be at my pattern making class until 10am but I wanted to get the train with him :). I was there at 9am so I sat in a little cafe in Degraves St and had french toast and coffee - yum. Pattern making went from 10am-1pm (we made a pants pattern). Then I met up with 10 of my old colleages for lunch, it was great to see them all again and hear what they've been up to. Then after lunch I met my mum who just happened to be in the city for the afternoon (my parents live in the country) and my sister who just happened to finish work early and we sat in a cafe and yakked and drank champagne! Very nice! And last night I went to my inlaws for dinner along with MDs brother and his girlfriend and my sister. And the weather was glorious all day!

I wanted to take pics of my presents but MD has taken the camera to work so I'll have to do that later.

I hope you all had a good April Fools day and didn't get fooled too much :)


meetmeatmikes said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Hope your day was great, and that you, like me, can squeeze a full week of excitement from your birthday!
xx pip

Angela said...

Well I never!!! We're both Fools!! :)

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking forward to our catch up next week.

Catalyst Of Calamity said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day!

Christie said...

Happy birthday!!

I would love to do a pattern making course.

Amelia said...

happy birthday! i'd like to give you some orange cotton as a birthday present.i did receive a couple of emails from you but think that i must have missed a crucial one bc we haven't managed to meet up :-)

would you mind sending me your address?

Drewzel said...

Happy belated birthday! Your day sounds great! :)