Monday, August 11, 2008


I had my bag making class again last Thursday. We're free to make whatever we like now (using the skills we learnt making the first bag) so I'm making a clutch out of this red leather, Japanese fabric and possibly one of these buttons too (aren't they beautiful!). The leather is really soft and I was hoping I'd be able to sew it at home but the feed dogs leave marks in the leather and my machine finds it a bit tough to sew through multiple layers so I'll just leave it til class.

I bought the buttons at Buttonmania and while I was there picked up these ones as well.

I also found this brochure for the Nicholas Building Open Studios which sounds great. I googled it so I could give you a link to more info but couldn't find any more than was on the brochure so I've scanned it for you. Click the link to view in Flickr then select All Sizes to see the largest size so you can read it.
Nicholas Building Open Studios
Nicholas Building Open Studios

(Please excuse the ugliness of this post, I usually use Flickr's "Blog This" function because it formats the post nicely but when I use the same HTML through Blogger it just doesn't seem to work. Grr.)

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62cherry said...

i love the lady button!
hope you are well amy
i don't think you ever get my email replies?