Friday, May 01, 2009


Jeez it's cold! I'll be so happy when we have our new house because it'll be WARM inside instead of FREEZING!

I've had the heater (an old gas one) on all morning and it's just reached 17 degrees in here.

So, for your amusement, I thought I'd describe my outfit today.

  • Matt's sheepskin slippers (which are a bit too big)
  • knee high socks
  • navy blue trackies (pilled
  • singlet, long sleeve t-shirt and jumper that is a bit too small (also pilled)
  • Matt's beanie

  • Matt's fingerless mitts

  • my new shawl/scarf

I look pretty flash I can tell you.


Unknown said...

Hey! Why are you wearing all my stuff!? ;)

kgirlknits said...

sounds toasty! probably not best to go get the paper off the front lawn though ;)

Nikki said...

We've just moved from a cosy house to a freezing rental and now THE HEATER HAS BROKEN.... it'll be Wednesday before it's fixed. I'm with you on the winter woolies. Looking flash here, too - jsut wish I was feeling warm.

MildlyCrafty said...

Poor you Nikki! You'll just have to visit people (with heaters) every night until then!

During the heatwave last summer I invited myself (and my cat and dog) over to my parents-in-law's for the day to escape the heat. I ended up staying for dinner too.

Analisis De Redes said...

Greeat post thankyou