Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Handknitter's Guild Wool and Craft Fair

On Saturday I went to the Handknitter's Guild's Wool and Craft Fair at the Brunswick town hall. It was really good, like a mini Bendigo Sheep and Wool show (and without the sheep).

There were lots of wool and fiber producers there
  • Dairing who have a knitwear shop in Richmond and stock Habu yarns. I'd heard about them but never seen them until now, very unusual!
  • Andyle who had lovely coloured wool grown on their farm in Tarneit Victoria.
  • Shiloh Wool who have coloured fleeces and combed wool for spinners from Bellaraine Victoria.
  • Lara Downs who have angora goat and lots of other luxury fibers and are from Balliang Victoria and they've also opened a new retail outlet called Precious Purl at 397 Bruswick St Fitzroy. I can't find a website for them but their card says they're open Wed-Sat 11-4 phone 0423 514 668.
  • Ixchel angora bunnies! They have other fibers too but I love the bunnies!

And there were more of course but I didn't get their business cards.

I bought some 14 ply wool from Shiloh and wound it into a ball using my brand new ball winder and swift from Morris & Sons. It was so fun to wind it, my husband, sister and dad all watched the process with interest too :) I'm going to try dying it myself, eep! (yeah probably should've left it in the skein but I couldn't resist trying out the ball winder)

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Lara Downs said...

Hi Mildly Crafty,
sorry I'm a bit late in commenting on your blog, but we also enjoy the Knitter's Guild Day - so like the Bendigo Sheep Show with such enthusiastic and knowledgable customers.
Just wanted to let you know that Precious Purl has just set up a Blog to tell everyone about the many products now available from our Fitzroy shop. Put Precious Purl Blogspot in any browser and there you go. In the mean time, you can always check out the Lara Downs web site for latest info about Precious Purl offerings including workshops.
cheers from the girls at Precious Purl and Lara Downs.