Monday, January 31, 2011

Somebody stop me!

I am on fire today!

I just found this awsome pressing iron! I googled the brand name Hecla and found that there's one of these in the Melbourne Museum! This would've been made in Melbourne in the late 1930's. It needs some tlc but it's in pretty good shape considering it's 80 years old.
I also found this site while I was googling vintage irons,, wow they are seriously beautiful!

Close-up of the temperature selector dial.

I love the hand-shaped grip!

I also found a quite sturdy wooden step ladder. I'm not sure what I'll do with this but it was too good to leave behind.

And I didn't take a photo coz I'm starting to get embarrassed but I also found a folding lawn chair and a Lawrencia 10 speed racer (it's got their name on it so I assume they used to manufacture bikes?). The bike's a bit dirty, the tyres are flat and the seat is ripped but it looks like a good one. Perhaps I'll make myself a fixie :)


jules said...

You're a hard rubbish goddess! I am in love with that ladder... would be lovely with beautiful fabric hung over each rung.

See you tomorrow for some soap making!

Anonymous said...

Love the ladder as well! There, where it is with plants on it!