Friday, February 04, 2011

Homemade Soap

Julia, Jackie and I made goat's milk, cinnamon and clove soap!

The goats belong to my parent's neighbour, I'm going to visit them this weekend and thank them (the goats and the neighbour).


EmilyKate said...

Oh your soap looks lovely!!! I bet it will be beautiful to use.
Fantastic streetfinds! That IRON!
That ladder looks like it came straight out of Country Style magazine!

MildlyCrafty said...

Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with the soap. I want to try it but it takes six weeks to cure!

EmilyKate said...

I have read that it is sometimes okay to use straightaway, but that for it to last longer you should let it dry out for several weeks, so that it doesn't just dissolve into glop in the shower.
You're inspiring me to get back into the garage and make another batch- I did one about a year ago and it was really fun, it was a coconut-oil based soap and it was soooooooooo bubbly!

Dawn Tan said...

Wow.. soap from scratch.. that's pretty amazing.. Anyway hello! thank you so much for that comment on my blog.. I was going to go from stitch n bitch but sudden turn of events.. so yup. I wont' be ablt to go for quite a while.. seeing as to how I'm starting an adults/kids class in east brunswick on thurs evenings.. gee...

maybe in april when it's the school holidays : )