Monday, May 09, 2011


I made quince paste today using this Women's Weekly recipe. I made a bit of a mistake in that I drained most of the liquid from the quinces after the first stage of cooking before it occurred to me that I was probably supposed to keep that water. The recipe said "weigh the fruit pulp" which I took to mean the fruit without the water but as I was doing it I realised I'd need it! I had to add more water to make it runny enough to puree, I suppose it would've been more fruity tasting if I hadn't done that. I also had to cook it for about 2.5 hours to get it thick enough.

Looks good though doesn't it!


Jules said...

yum. will buy cheese and crackers tomorrow ; )


EmilyKate said...

Oooooooooh, so beautiful!!! Get a nice stinky crumbly vintage cheddar and some crackers, oooooooh.