Saturday, May 05, 2012

FO: Toy ball

Whipped up this toy ball this morning from the Purl Bee beach ball pattern with a jingle ball inside it.

The jingle ball came from American Felt and Craft. I've never been able to find these anywhere in Melbourne.  I know some people use a regular bell and put inside a small container so that it jingles but I've also never found an appropriate container.  So these are awesome.  I also got a few other bits for making toys :)

Toy ball


Raynor said...

This is super super cute! Those fabrics are to die for! ^_^

MildlyCrafty said...


Fran said...

Thanks for this! I've just made 2, one with a bell in for a friends baby. Came across your blog when looking to make cushions, v. helpful also! Fran

craft storage drawers said...

That looks fantastic Great job!