Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm an Auntie!

My husband's brother's wife (ie my sister-in-law) had a baby girl two weeks ago.  She was 4 weeks early, had a miraculous 3 1/4 hour labour which started just two hours after she finished her last day at work!  Baby Jasmine was just over 6 lb and very cute!

But I was not prepared with any handknits!  It took a few days to find the right pattern and yarn but I finally settled on the very cute Camilla Babe (3 month size) and, because I had yarn left over, the Small Things Bonnet (newborn size).  Both patterns were lovely, the bonnet in particular was very neatly constructed.

Ravelled here and here.

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Jules said...

They're both gorgeous! I especially love your version of Annabel- such a beautiful design : )

Won't be long now xx