Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nesting, nesting

I do like to be organised (thought I'm not a neat freak or anything) so I'm not sure if this a pregnancy nesting thing or not but suddenly I want to organise things.

First was my jewellery.  For the last 10 years it's lived in an old wooden cutlery box which was very attractive on the outside but inside a bit of a jumbled mess.  I bought these stackable, flock lined trays from Howards Storage World and now keep them in one of my bathroom drawers.  So much more efficient!  I can now find things, try them on and look in the mirror instead of rummaging about and walking back and forth between the bedside and bathroom to see how they look.

Next shoes!  I had them all in shoeboxes but of course I had to pull them out and open them up to see what was in each of the boxes.  These are also from Howards Storage World and are currently on sale (at least in Nunawadding they are) for $7.95 for 3 boxes.

Finally clothes hangers.  Totally un-necessary really, but I just couldn't help myself.  We have walk-in robes and our clothes are all visible from the bedroom so I will get to appreciate the matchy matchy-ness every time I look in that direction :)  These are from Pink Lily, they're pretty good hangers but the hooks are not all attached on the same angle which makes them look a little untidy and takes the shine off the matchy-ness a little.  I am being fairly picky at the moment!

Today I'm going to a Blum showroom to organise the kitchen cutlery and utensil drawers and my make-up drawer!

And no, the baby's room is not finished, nor do we have all the clothes he'll need!  I'll work on that next!

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