Monday, January 14, 2013

Renewed energy

So I've been feeling a lot more energetic lately!  Finn has started going down for his daytime naps with a lot less trouble!  Most of the time I can pop him into bed, read to him for a minute (he doesn't mind if I don't finish the story) while he plays with his toy then off I go and off to sleep he goes!  It's SO MUCH EASIER!

So I have renewed enthusiasm for crafting.  First project completed is a bib (fabulous 50's bib from Nicole Mallalieu) which turned out very cute.  I couldn't get the width of bias binding she recommended, mine was thinner and it was a bit fiddly to put on but it turned out very cute.

Second project was a quick quilted baby blankie for the pram.  It's the same fabric as the bib but a different colourway :)  For the back I used a bamboo swaddle cloth that had shrunk so the fabric was a bit tighter than a muslin usually is and was nice and soft.  I quilted it in a grid using my walking foot (first time I'd done that) and was pleased that the fabric didn't pucker at all.

Finn found it quite cozy.

Next up is another bib but this time I'm going to just overlock the edges using a matching thread and see how that looks.  I'm really not fond of putting on bias binding.

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thingsforboys said...

Love your bib and blanket! I'm not a fan of bias binding either. I avoid it at all costs!