Thursday, February 07, 2013


Finn will NOT eat anything you try to feed him on a spoon.  So I'm trying to find things he likes to munch on himself.  He had a good go at the corn but I'm not sure he was convinced.  Broccoli is his favourite so far - and the messiest.  Those little tiny flowers get everywhere!!

Cheese was also a hit.  He could gum a bit off and then munch on it for a minute or so until he could swallow it.  I'm quite impressed with his chewing skills given he's got no teeth yet.  He hasn't gagged much, maybe only once or twice.

He actually swallows bugger-all though.  I hope he figures out food is good to eat soon.  I'm seeing the maternal and child health nurse today for his 8 month checkup so we'll see how he's doing then.

Has anyone else tried baby-led weaning? (which is where you give your baby whole foods and let them feed themselves as opposed to giving them puree).


nikkishell said...

8 months already?! He's very cute :)

EmilyKate said...

Oh he is so darling!
I of course know NOTHING about babies weaning them or otherwise... I do have a friend who is doing the baby-led feeding where I think she said she will put her baby on a plastic sheet with various foods and the baby will grab what she likes the look of and experiment with putting in her mouth? And eventually after some weeks she will get around to swallowing?