Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend review

Going for a walk with my cat and dog at the edge of lake Eildon (which is and has been dry for about eight years) near Mansfield, Victoria. Spent most of the weekend sitting on the verandah and crocheting, listening to the birds and to the cat stalking them. Ahh the serenity!
There are three op-shops near each other in Mt Waverley, here's my haul from them on Friday.

- two high-waisted skirts, one straight black velvet the other a fuller tweed (with in-seam pockets)
- vintage patent leather handbag
- crocheted cushion cover
- chinese checkers
- not sure what you'd call this, I guess it's kind of a hook rack, I'm going to use it in my craft room
I love this handbag. The label inside says it's by Master Made Handbags, Sydney. Was $12, reduced to $6 because one of the handles is cracked.

BTW, I used Flogger to compose this post, it really is quite handy.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I think it might be time to introduce you to a little web site that I set up recently. It's called Flogger and it's here

The short description is that Flogger is a tool to help you with photo blogging.

I was prompted to create it because I liked the way you could blog a photo easily from Flickr and it would format your photo nicely with a border and a link to the Flickr page for the photo and include the photo title. eg

But if you want to blog more than one photo then Flickr can't help you and it's actually a bit of a pain, you have to create the HTML yourself and it's quite time consuming. I searched around for a tool to help with this issue and couldn't find a satisfactory solution. So being the (small-time) computer geek that I am, I wrote my own program.

If you're interested please take a look and let me know if you find it's useful. I have set up a blog for it here

Hot Chocolate

I had this Italian (!) hot chocolate on Thursday from Sugardough in Lygon St, Brunswick East. It was goooood! A bit like drinking warmed up chocolate cake batter :)

I had some time to kill so I sat in the sun in their courtyard and drank my hot choc and knitted, ahh, so relaxing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This weekend

Hi, it's been quiet around here hasn't it. The problem is that I'm just not that into writing. I find it reaaally hard to say what I mean. Every time I think I have something I want to post it turns into an agonising internal debate about how to say it, how much to say, whether it's interesting anyway, etc etc. And often I end up deleting what I just spent half an hour writing. That sucks.

So anyway, I'm not deleting this. Here's what I did this weekend. Went to an antiques and collectibles fair in Burwood East, just because I read about it in the paper over breakfast and I thought it'd be fun. And it was! I saw a couple of really lovely silver mesh purses, like this one, I've always admired them but never thought of a good reason why I should have one, until now! It's my birthday in a couple of weeks so I told Matt he could buy it for my for my birthday if he wanted too :) Score!

Today we went for a bike ride along Gardiner's creek. We rode about 22.3 km and had lunch in Ashwood which was our halfway point. At lunch we read the newspapers and I was excited to see Pip the front page of the A2! Read the article here (minus picture of Pip looking very relaxed and crafty).

I'll leave you today with a photo of the heart I made Matt for valentine's day. I thought he'd think it was a bit lame but he actually thought it was quite cool. Made it all worthwhile :)