Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Well helloooo there!

Well I'm feeling quite refreshed after that little blogging break!

I've de-cloaked to tell you that I'm going to UK Knit Camp in Scotland in just under four weeks and I'm pretty excited about it! My good friend and knitting buddy Jules asked via SMS, back in January I think, if I wanted to go and (after I'd googled it) my first thought was don't be silly, I can't go all that way just for knitting. But then I had a second thought, why the hell not! And now the time is fast approaching when we'll be on our way.

Knit Camp is actually only on for four days but we're going to stay on for a few weeks and do some sightseeing while we're over there.

The plan is:
  • Arrive in Glasgow on Wednesday 4th August and go immediately to Lanark which is a beautiful historic town with a knitting mill
  • Stay in Lanark for two or three nights
  • Up to The Trossachs national park for two or three nights
  • Arrive in Stirling on Monday 9th where we are staying in the university dorms until Saturday night
  • Monday night Knit Camp kicks off and then there's classes Tuesday and Thursday all day and Wednesday and Friday mornings only
  • On the weekend is Ravelry Weekend with a market, classes, demonstrations and a BBQ in the evening
  • Sunday morning get the train to Aberdeen and check out the town then in the evening get a flight to Sumburgh in the Shetland Islands. Very excited about seeing the islands! Stay in the Shetlands for four days
  • Friday morning get a flight to Kirkwall in the Orkney islands and stay there for three nights or so
  • The rest is a bit unstructured, we'll play it by ear but the basic plan is:
  • Ferry to from Orkney to Scrabster (on the mainland), bus to Inverness where we'll pick up a car and drive down to Loch Ness. We will probably just spend the day at Loch Ness and won't stay there overnight.
  • Drive over to Skye and meet Jules's dad who is coming over to do some travelling with Jules after I go home
  • Check out Skye, Lewis, Harris and anything else that looks good over that way
  • I'll part with Jules and her dad and catch the train back to Glasgow and/or Edinburgh and see the city before I leave Glasgow on Monday 30th August
I am so looking forward to seeing everything!

Gotta go now and look for some t-shirts to take with me. Here's a picture of the Wallace Statue in Stirling.

[Wallace Statue I, Stirling, Scotland] (LOC)