Sunday, March 31, 2013

(Nearly) 10 months

Finn baby is growing up.  I know he's still a little baby but it feels like he's turning into a little boy right before my eyes.  Every day he seems bigger and learns something new!  Whenever I see a new mother at the shops I have to tell her that her tiny newborn will be all grown up in no time!  Beware!!

I whipped up this hat from yarn leftover from a couple of other baby hats.  It's so big that I can actually wear it as a fitted beanie!  On him it's a slouchy homeboy look.  Good thing is that it'll last him 'til he's a teenager :)

He crawled over to my knitting basket and groped around in it until he could pull out the knitting needles in the pouch you can see below.  Will have to start baby-proofing things soon!