Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three months

Three months old.  The time is flying by!  Thank goodness we've now solved his daytime crankyness!  I probably understated it in my last post, he cried most of the day and it was getting really hard to cope with.  It was really upsetting me that he was so upset and I didn't know how to help him and by the end of the day I was almost crying myself.

My feeding routine was that I'd give him 15 mins on each breast and then a top up of 50ml of expressed milk from a bottle.  We started this on the advice of a lactation consultant when he was a couple of weeks old as he was not feeding well and losing weight.  I tried to wean him off the bottle quite a few times with no luck (ie more crying than usual) and so went back to what I knew.  Finally though I realised the source of his crying was probably tummy upset due to too much lactose as he had all the symptoms (putting on weight well but lots of vomiting, lots of mucous in his poo, crying straight after feeds).  Determined to get him off the bottle, once again I tried to cut it out, cold turkey, and he hasn't looked back!  Now I just let him feed from one side until it's drained then offer the other (which he sometimes doesn't need).  He's a pretty slow feeder though, it takes 40 mins to an hour.  It's so much easier for me though, no expressing, washing bottles, heating bottles in the middle of the night, phew.

Now things are fantastic, well, he still vomits a lot which results in a lot of changes of clothes when it escapes his bib, but he's very happy and smiles constantly!  And he sleeps though!  He goes to bed around 7pm and wakes anytime after 4:30am, the last two nights he hasn't woken until 6am!  Happy mummy!!!

He has impeccable timing with the vomit.