Saturday, November 17, 2012

Heading out

On our way to see Radiohead tonight! Nervous that Finn will need me!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Some crafting accomplished!

I finally made this quilt for Finn (yeah coming into summer, great timing)!  It's really hard to find time to work on things in a block, even though this is really quick to make it took four or five sessions.  I used this lap blanket tutorial from Purl Bee.

I did start quilting around the clouds by hand but frankly it looked a bit crappy.  I've never done any quilting before and found it hard to stop the fabric at the back from twisting as I went around the cloud. It sat around for six months before I finally unpicked the quilting and basting and went back to my original plan (which was to use the Purl Bee tutorial).

Other things I've been doing, when I can snatch some time, are reading up on baby development.  It's fascinating.  Did you know babies are actually born with their brains not fully developed and really important parts just won't grow unless they're loved and cared for.  They've scanned the brains of Romanian orphans (who are left alone in their cots all day) and found that they have blank spaces where parts like the orbitofrontal cortex should be.  It's terrible to think about babies being unloved an uncared for, I got teary a few times.  There's also this article published recently which shows comparison scans of a cared for and a neglected baby.
I've read Your baby's Development, Why Love Matters and Making More Milk so far and would highly recommend them.

I read a little of Save Our Sleep but her suggestion that you leave your baby to cry for hours alone to teach them to sleep really didn't sit well with me so I'm not going to read the rest, I think it might just confuse me.

And here's Finn and Matt enjoying some reading.  This book is hilarious and the illustrations are lovely.