Wednesday, December 08, 2010

On a roll!

I made another top yesterday afternoon using the same pattern as the first one but this time I crossed the straps at the back. I haven't decided but I might uncross them, it makes the front hang a bit funny and the whole top sits a little high.

And today I made a dress! It was easy to make but it took me a lot of faffing about to get the straps the right length and in the right spot to cover my bra straps, it's really hard to do that on your own.

I also should say I used only stash materials and notions to make all three of these items, the only thing I had to buy was a hook and eye for the dress.

Pattern: Simplicity 8518
Size: 12
Mods: took in top edge of bodice by about 1cm on each side
Fabric: self patterned cotton
Blurry I know but you can kind of see the self-pattern on the fabric
This is the pets hard at work napping while I was sewing away (that's the sewing chair at the bottom of the photo). I had to be careful I didn't roll the chair over Samson's paws sticking out there.

(Sooty has had a little operation, that's why he's got a shaved patch on his side)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Every year I say I'm going to get stuck into making my own clothes and I usually only manage to make one item. So here I am, saying it again this year :)

Yesterday I dragged out my patterns and fabric and tried to match them up. I put all the tricky patterns aside, best to start with something simple and so I settled on this top (which is actually a pyjama top) and some lightweight cotton that came from who knows where.

It didn't take long and the fit is just right so I'm very happy!

Pattern: McCall's 4218
Size: small
View: E (pyjama top)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Visiting Cards

I was just at my local post office and I saw these packs of "Visiting Cards" which are basically blank business cards and I thought, "I need those!". You may have read on my house blog that we're now "owner builders", so I've had to get quotes and so on from lots of tradespeople and I haven't had a card to give them.
Now I do!

Obviously I put my phone number on the other cards and left off my website, they don't need to know that :)

(the owner builder thing is also my excuse for not doing any blogging, I've been working my ass off organising house stuff)