Sunday, December 16, 2007


We live in a fairly quiet suburb. The only thing that wakes us up occasionally are the birds.

Well this morning it was a brass band! I opened my eyes and thought, that is not the alarm, that is not the TV, therefore there must be a brass band outside our house! So I opened the curtains and saw that there was! That got me out of bed fairly smartly.


Louise said...

How funny! I remember that happening when I was about 18 and living at home. I had been out the night before and was a little worse for wear - a loud band was not what I was in the mood for. I'm glad to see they are still doing it.

MildlyCrafty said...

Yeah it was funny when they came to the door and I was in my grotty old PJs, with hair sticking up and bleary eyes too :)

Our neighbour said it was the first time their baby daughter had slept in, not for long though!

Lara said...

Hi Amy!

Hah, that brings back some vaaaaguely familiar childhood memories!! I'm pretty sure that band used to play on that corner when I was growing up. I love random stuff like that!!

Anyway thanks for the comment on my blog. I tried making another purse today using the glue in method. It actually turned out to be heeeaps easier than I expected. I used that weird UHU "all purpose adhesive" - it's kind of jelly like which makes it less messy to work with. Worth a shot if you dare give it a go again :)