Friday, March 14, 2008

Crafty people are ace!

I had such a good time today. The Living Creatively ladies were lovely and I met Hiromi, Angela, Bianca and Amelia and saw Fi and Jenny again.

I was sitting on my lonesome on the other side of the room in the morning which was a bit crappy, most people who went past thought I was just having a quiet stitch on my own! :)

But after lunch Jenny and Angela very kindly made some room for me between them and we chatted and demo-ed the afternoon away.

I'm continually amazed at how nice all the crafters I've me are. Working in the IT industry just wasn't the same - not that I didn't work with nice people, just that we didn't seem to have many things in common apart from work, and I suppose partly because most of my colleagues were male. I've just been having the time of my life over the past four months coz - a) I've met so many new people, b) they've been female, c) they love craft, d) they've been lovely people!

And to top off my great day Amelia gave me a (big) ball of orange cotton that she'd recycled and I'd been admiring - how generous is that! Thanks Amelia, I smiled all the way home (even in the 40 degree heat).


Amelia said...

hi amy,

lovely to meet you too! i found more orange cotton - an equally sized ball and a couple of small ones. could you get in contact with me? i work in the city monday and thursday if that would be convenient, otherwise i'll post it to you.

regards, Amelia

Louise said...

I was there too and sadly we weren't introduced!! I am a reader of your blog and would love to have chatted. It was loads of fun wasn't it!!

MildlyCrafty said...

Argh! So sorry Louise, there was so much going on ... I was a bit overwhelmed by all the people (and a bit shy about introducing myself).

I'm sure we will meet again at some crafty event :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, It was lovely to meet you and although you were too shy to present on the stage, the girls at Living Creatively thought you did a great job stitching away on the side lines. Your neat embroidery work on the 'barrel of monkeys' wins our vote for perfectionist of the day! Our ironing board cover looks so much nicer now too! Many thanks for participating on the stand with all the other gals - you were definately a highlight.

MildlyCrafty said...

Hi Anna. Thanks so much, you are too kind!

I guess I should confess to everyone ... I ironed the monkeys transfer straight thorough my hanky on to the living creatively ironing board :(

Meg said...

Stitching looks cute, I think I might go to the show when it heads my way.