Friday, February 06, 2009

Shawl, chair, suitcases and hand (ie random stuff)

Phase 1 of Cable Shawl from Jo Sharp Knit Issue 6 completed. Ravelry link. The next phase is to pick up a bazillion stitches along the side and knit about 10cm of ribbing on each side. It's gonna take a while.

And I got two of these chairs from someone's hard-rubbish out in the street. They're in perfect condition!
Found these in someone's hard-rubbish, woot!
I think my new cat is causing contact dermatitis :( I used to really suffer from it when I was in high school. It would cover all of my fingers and I'd have to bandaid them all so that I didn't bleed on things. I never knew what was causing it but it cleared up when I moved out of home and just showed up again since I got the cat so I'm betting that's what's causing it. I can't get rid of my beautiful kitty so I guess I'll justs have to live with it. Really hope it doesn't get as bad as it used to though.

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