Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In the kitchen

Cookie recipe from the NYTimes. You have to make the dough then wait 36 hours before you cook them, arrgh!

Making this for dinner tonight, yum!


Anonymous said...

Looks great, Amy! I'm desperate to try that cookie recipe, but have been holding out for the right chocolate. Can I ask what you used?

Didn't see you at Brown Owls last night, until I saw photographic evidence of your presence this morning! I didn't move around much and you must have been hiding on another table. Hope to catch you next time. :)

MildlyCrafty said...

Hi Linda, I will admit I did see you over on the other table last night but I didn't really leave my chair, sorry I didn't come over.

I just used Nestle dark choc bits for the cookies. If they turn out well then I'll try them again with fancier chocolate.

I'm not sure if they'll turn out well. You're supposed to cream the bejeezus out of the butter and sugar until it's "light" but that's really hard to do by hand. I'm sure mine was not "light".